Targeted communication

through automated marketing

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Targeted Communication through automated marketing.

Is your message getting more than just a casual response?

It wasn’t too long ago that your key marketing strategy targeted a large audience in hopes that your message would get in front of the right people. Those campaign styles have jumped the shark.

Automated marketing fortifies your marketing strategy with the power to generate more leads, drive more sales, and create a significant return on your investment. It makes qualifying those key leads easier, allowing you more one-to-one communication with a large audience and resulting in more sales for your bottom line. Our automated marketing program can assist you in fine-tuning your marketing strategies so you’ll hit your marketing campaign’s bull’s eye. We are Cain & Company. Master archers of marketing.

What Is Marketing Automation?

A suite of tools used for campaign and lead generation optimization

Generate Leads

  • Identify anonymous website visitors with Visitor ID
  • Dynamic form fields for building complete leads profiles
  • Third-party and native-form integration
  • Tracking email communication with leads
  • Automatically connect on social media
  • Qualify leads based on position in sales cycle
  • Schedule an email to a lead for future delivery
  • Import a CSV file of leads

Drive Sales

  • Score the leads based on engagement and sales readiness
  • Valuable sales insights pertaining to a lead's interests
  • Receive notifications when leads are sales ready
  • Automatically segment your leads based on their behavior
  • Targeted messages for near one-on-one communication
  • An illustrated timeline of a lead's activity with your website
  • Behavior tracking for lead insights

Measure ROI

  • Record deals won and deals lost
  • Detailed email analytics
  • Eliminate wasteful marketing spends
  • Online and offline monitoring of leads' activity
  • Automatic return on investment calculations
  • Google ADWords integration
  • Exportable graphs and reports

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