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10 Best Practices for Successful Social Media Marketing

Cain & Company
February 14, 2019

A common misunderstanding about social media marketing is that it guarantees success. The truth is if you aren’t using good social media tactics, your results will fall short.

Keeping up with social media is no easy task. Almost half of digital marketers feel it's the most difficult strategy to manage. Digital marketers are juggling so many tasks at once that developing a memorable social media campaign can seem impossible.

Fear not! If you know the basics, you're already on your way. There are many techniques to streamline your social media efforts for the results you’re after!


Set SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Want to increase your followers? What do you want to accomplish with your social media? Keep these goals in mind as you go.

2) Prolific Profiles

Polish your company profile the same way you would for your website. Include a list of your services and products, latest contact info, high-resolution logos, and imagery that ties in with your brand.

3) Always on Time

A steady schedule is number one for your social strategy. Start with once per day, or a few each week. Be sure to stick to it using auto-scheduling software or tools.

4) Platform Potential

Every social platform has different expectations. LinkedIn is for business, Instagram is for photos, Facebook is casual, and Twitter is for brief updates. Always direct the correct format to the right platform.

5) Shift Your Focus

The customer comes first. How will you help clients overcome challenges? What will they gain by picking you over the competition? Your customer wants a brand partner and social media is all about building relationships.

6) Be Response-able

The mobile revolution means customers want replies now. Respond to all inquiries, messages, and reviews in a timely manner. These provide valuable feedback for brands willing to listen!

7) Content Guidelines

Can’t decide what to post? Try sharing industry news, company awards, special events, or portfolio items. You also can’t go wrong with posting photos or video content. Just be authentic and think about what your audience wants to see.

8) 10-4-1 Rule

Relevant content will vary by company, but generally the “10-4-1 Rule” works. Of every 15 posts, 10 should link to content from third-party sources, 4 posts to your original content, and 1 post should be a special offer.

9) Reach Out

Consider investing in social ads or boosted posts. These let you target your audience for better views, visitors, and conversions. Start with a small budget and tailor it as you go.

10) Perform a Social Audit

Finally, track and analyze everything. Are you reaching your benchmarks? If not, there are many free online tools to help. Rework your goals as needed and never get discouraged. Social media is ever-evolving, just like good branding should be!

With the right approach, developing a social media plan gives you excellent potential for growth. The right combination of tactics and tools creates social media campaigns with great results!


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