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10 Best Practices for Successful Social Media Marketing

Amanda Nicosia
February 14, 2019

A widespread misconception about incorporating social media into your business plan is that it will guarantee successful reach and engagement. The truth is, if you aren’t appropriately optimizing your social tactics, your results may fall short of your expectations.

Keeping up with social media is no easy task. Almost half of digital marketers feel social is the most difficult marketing strategy to execute, even if highly effective. Digital marketers are often juggling multiple tasks at once, so investing time in developing a remarkable social media campaign can prove to be a challenge.

Fear not! If you know the basics of social media best practices, you are already well on your way. There are many techniques to be mindful of in order to streamline your marketing efforts and develop a practical social strategy to achieve the results you’re after!

Cain Social Media Marketing

Here are ten best practices to help you improve your social media marketing:


Set SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Do you want to increase your followers? Engagement? What are you most interested in accomplishing through your focused social media efforts? Keep these goals in mind as you progress.

2) Prolific Profiles

Make it a priority to polish your company profile the same way you would for your website. Include a thorough list of your services and products, up-to-date contact info, high-resolution logos and photos, and imagery that properly represents your brand.

3) Always on Time

Developing a consistent social schedule is key to success. Start with a basic frequency: 2-3 LinkedIn posts per week, 1 Facebook post per day, and up to 3 tweets per day. Be sure to stick to your preferred timetable using auto-scheduling software like the HubSpot Social Media tool.

4) Platform Potential

It’s important to note that every social platform has different content expectations. LinkedIn is for business related content, Instagram is for photos, Facebook is personal and casual, and Twitter is for brief, frequent updates. Be sure that you are directing the appropriate content formats to the right platforms.

5) Shift Your Focus

Your posts should emphasize the customer rather than your own brand promotion. How will you help clients overcome challenges? What will they accomplish by selecting you over the competition? Your customer wants a brand partner, and social media is all about building long-lasting relationships.

6) Be Response-able

The mobile revolution means customers expect replies promptly. Respond to all inquiries, messages, comments, and reviews, both negative and positive, in a timely manner. These evaluations can provide valuable feedback for brands willing to listen!

7) Content Guidelines

Can’t decide what to post? Try sharing industry news articles, company awards, special events, or portfolio pieces. You also can’t go wrong with posting company photos or video content. Be genuine and authentic, always considering what your audience wants to see.

8) 10-4-1 Rule

Relevant content will vary by company, but generally, the “10-4-1 Rule” is effective. 10 posts should link to applicable content from outside sources, 4 posts establishing your own content or company culture, and 1 internal service offering, such as a sale or special offer.

9) Amplify Your Reach

Consider investing in social media advertising, boosted posts, or conversion optimization for your social platforms. These let you target the appropriate audience, maximize reach, and increase your chances of website visitors becoming buyers. Start with a small budget and tailor your strategy as you go.

10) Perform a Social Audit

Finally, track and analyze your tactics. Are they achieving the benchmarks you laid out? Many free online tools can help you measure your success. Rework your goals as needed and never get discouraged; social media is ever-evolving, just like good branding should be!

With the right strategic approach, developing a flawless social media plan gives you so much potential for business growth and relationship building. By implementing the perfect combination of tactics and tools, you can create a cohesive social media campaign that establishes the results you want!

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