6 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Trade Show

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Trade Show

Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to interact face-to-face with clients and prospects, market your brand, and drive people to your business website and social media. The environment attracts people who already have ties to your business, are eager to find solutions, and may be more receptive than a general audience.

When the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in live trade shows becoming virtual events, many companies missed meeting prospects and showing off their products. With more in-person trade shows being held again and an eager crowd awaiting their return, it’s a prime time to market your business at one.

However, many creative marketing campaigns are lurking in the booths lining the show floor. In order to compete, you must have a show-stopping booth and an arsenal of creative approaches to capture attendee attention, positively engage, and nurture the newfound connection post show.

Here at Cain & Company, we’ve spent almost 50 years helping businesses and organizations prepare for and wow the crowds at events. We know what it takes to make your investment in a trade show yield impressive results. With a reputation for efficiency and top-tier professional guidance, we will get you results.

Plan Ahead

A trade show requires knowledge, advanced planning, and superior organizational skills. Count on Cain & Company to assist you in designing a modern and appealing booth and planning its elements—displays, video screens, giveaways, and of course, promotional materials. We will meet with you to learn about your products and core values to see how we can best support you at the show and serve your marketing needs in general. Meanwhile, make sure to give yourself at least six months to prepare. Alert your team of the travel dates so they can book affordable flights and room blocks. Mark your calendar and get ready for success.

Consider Cain & Company

We can offer as much or as little as you need to prepare for and launch your trade show. Cain & Company can start from the ground up, designing a booth and incorporating eye-catching graphics, accompanying displays, collateral, and promotional items in addition to social media support. By setting up geofencing, we can target ads to people within a certain location in the proximity of an event. Cain & Company can also provide employees to work the booth or to assist with set up.

Get Their Digits

Luring people to the booth is a win, but it’s not enough. Getting their contact information is critical to following up with them. But this can be easier said than done. Leave it to the professionals. At Cain & Company, we can advise the most effective ways to collect this data and help you devise the appropriate follow-up emails and digital marketing to strengthen the connections made at the show. When it comes to email marketing, we’ve mastered the art of sending the right message at the right time to maximize engagement and connect with your prospects and customers.

We can also advise on appropriate giveaways, create a short script, or develop a storyboard for your product demonstration. To better showcase your products, Cain & Company can assist with video production, as well as slide and PowerPoint presentations.

Make a Connection

Trade shows not only offer the opportunity to schmooze and highlight products, but also to invite a client out for a cup of coffee or dinner. It might take a couple of years to work a prospect into a client. It’s best to avoid being overbearing or aggressively pursuing contacts out in the open floor space. Wait for them to come to you. Once there, make sure they are greeted by an impressive booth designed by Cain & Company.

Building and Stoking the Fire

In the month leading up to the event, you will want to begin creating a buzz about the upcoming show. At Cain & Company, we can craft social media posts and other print and digital collateral to keep your appearance at the event in front of the public. We will ensure your fans can find you by properly marketing trade show details and alerting them of any new products and announcements. After the big event, we will follow up with ads and social media posts to keep your new contacts intrigued.

Maintain a Strong Presence

We can advise you on strategies to create high energy at your booth and project a strong positive impression. Cain & Company can help make the difference between an engaging booth and a dull one and will maximize your investment of time and resources into the show. Call Cain & Company today to reap all the benefits a trade show has to offer.

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