Email Newsletters: Your All-in-One Promotional Vehicle

Email Newsletters: Your All-in-One Promotional Vehicle

Maybe you’ve never considered an email newsletter, or you have written it off as old-fashioned. Think again. While social media presents increasing opportunities for branding, email newsletters are still critically important for marketing. After all, most everyone checks their email.

An email newsletter is a one-stop shop to promote your products or services, share your news, build your brand, and connect with customers. Having all your highlights packaged into one marketing piece packs a powerful punch.

Unlike releasing small bits at a time with social media, an email newsletter gives the public a comprehensive picture of everything current in your company. By providing readers the choice of what to click on with attractive images and links to longer-form marketing material, they will be more receptive and more likely to move on to further reading. Newsletters also provide one more opportunity to get your logo, colors, and font out to make an added connection with followers.

Cain & Company, a full-service advertising and marketing agency, knows what makes the difference between a newsletter that gets deleted and one that results in clicks, website visits, and, ultimately, sales. While a newsletter is effective, it’s also a substantial body of work that must include design elements, quality content, and an overall strategy, not to mention the ability to measure open rates.

When you trust us with your email newsletter business, you can be assured of a number of advantages.

Quality Content

We can help you select categories of information to include and fill with well-written content. At Cain & Company, we have decades of experience creating content to drive more traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, and attract more prospective customers to your company. We curate content on new hires, products and services, and announcements, and write articles on topics trending in your industry to create a strong impression about your business.

Eye-Catching Design

Your newsletter must outshine the competition with properly sized images and accompanying links. Information must be arranged in a consistent way, so readers get comfortable with it and know where to go to find what they are seeking. Our team of experts will design an email newsletter reflective of your branding with a solid format your customers will come to appreciate.

Feature Measurable Results

Cain & Company can help you measure a variety of results, empowering you to match content with readers’ interest. We can measure the open rate of the overall newsletter as well as clicks per link.

We can also advise on appropriate giveaways, create a short script, or develop a storyboard for your product demonstration. To better showcase your products, Cain & Company can assist with video production, as well as slide and PowerPoint presentations.

Leave it to the experts at Cain & Company in Rockford, Illinois, to produce relevant and easy-to-read content leading to your website, plus quality graphics to catch and keep readers. We would be happy to meet with you today to get started on the journey of sharing your industry news and company successes.

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