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5 Types of Video Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Cain & Company
May 23, 2019

With around half of all engineers preferring video for work-related media, it’s an ideal approach to social sharing among industrial professionals. Video makes it fast and easy to absorb relevant information, especially on a time crunch. Who wouldn’t want to sit back and relax while staying on top of the latest industry trends? Video also allows industrial professionals to directly network with other engineering experts and stay well-informed of helpful instruction, emerging technology, and industry news.

So, what types of videos do engineer professionals prefer? A survey by GlobalSpec found that the two most popular categories of video types among industrial professionals are product videos (85%) and how-to videos (80%). It can be a huge time saver for these busy people to watch how a task is done rather than reading a lengthy explanation in a blog or whitepaper. The industrial audience also watches videos on modern trends and technology (63%), as well as interviews with product experts (39%).

To help you determine what type of video will work best for your manufacturing company, here is a breakdown and examples of the five favorite video types among engineering and industrial professionals.

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Product Videos

A product video visually demonstrates its tangible features and benefits. One of the most important jobs of an industrial product video is to help the viewer solve a problem by highlighting the product’s features and benefits. It should also demonstrate the potential problem and offer its solution and explain the experience of owning or using the product.

  • Concise, engaging narration – Be conversational, interesting, and informative throughout your video.
  • Evidence of your expertise – The viewer must trust in your qualified knowledge as much as they trust in the product itself.
  • Reasonable length of time – A great explanation that holds the viewer’s attention is key to a great product video.
  • Professional and relatable – Be a human first and an expert second.

How-to Videos

How-to videos can bring your product or industry to life! Show off your skills and knowledge while teaching your viewer something new and walk your customer through how to use your product. How-to videos are also frequently shared as industry professionals extend their new skills and services to others.

  • Be useful – Pick a task that your sales and support staff gets many questions about. This indicates a popular topic that people actually want to learn about and provides a helpful time-saver to your team.
  • Do plenty of research – Anticipate what your audience already knows vs. what they need to know. In production, recruit an expert’s involvement so that you are perceived as a credible source.

Interview Videos

Quick to create, easy to film, and relatively inexpensive, interview videos make for highly valuable and interesting content, especially for the industrial field. Interview videos are great for personalizing what may not be considered the most exciting topic. After all, people want to hear directly from professionals and thought leaders in their industry, and there’s no better way than to simply “pass the mic.”

  • Talk to the right person – Who is the biggest subject matter expert in your company? Are they a natural in front of a camera? Conduct test interviews to make sure your candidates are good choices to become celebrities for your business.
  • Avoid Q&A tedium – Ask open-ended questions and let the leader take the lead; their knowledge will speak for itself!
  • Plan your questions – You’ll want your inquiries to prompt the most substantial answers, so think ahead and plan for what may be good conversation starters.
  • You’re both human – Don’t forget to relax and have a normal conversation! The best part about interview videos is listening to a real person, so be genuine and have fun!

Testimonial Videos

There’s no better example of proving your worth than to have a happy customer sing your praises. Testimonial videos emphasize your results and validate that you can solve the problems a prospect may have, because you’ve done it before. With some groundwork and quality editing, your testimonial video will exhibit your company’s value to the world.

  • Review the process – Create a storyboard, write the script, and go over the plan, schedule, and video vision with your customer so they know what to expect to make them more comfortable during filming.
  • Be beneficial – Highlight the benefits and outcomes you have provided and how they solved the customer’s problem. Skip centering on the overall theme and focus on the valuable results.
  • Simplify – Keep the topic focused and the timing short but interesting, and don’t try to cram too much into a short amount.

One-to-One Video

Rather than submitting long, drawn-out text responses to sales and support questions, use the webcam on your computer or phone to record a quick video reply and send it to your recipient. Among all the types of video marketing, one-to-one video is by far the most natural, personal, and engaging approach. Even for the camera shy, one-to one videos demonstrate your services and sales, are simple to make, and capture your viewer’s attention with a highly personalized message.

  • Personalize it – Use a platform like Vidyard GoVideo or Wistia Soapbox, to quickly and easily create a personalized one-to-one video.
  • Win them over – Be conversational and brief, but make sure to leave a great impression!
  • Track impact – you can automatically measure engagement and performance to gauge the success of your video.

Ready to start with video marketing? Try out a few of these to see what works best for your company’s video strategy. Any approach you take to industrial video marketing will help you share your industry knowledge, messages, and ideas in an insightful, engaging way.

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