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5 Ways to Rock Vertical Video

Amanda Nicosia
December 21, 2018

Vertical video is spreading across all devices and social platforms, and it’s certainly a welcome change!

The best part about the rise of vertical video is that it hasn’t yet reached its peak. Getting involved early with a good strategy will allow your brand to be heard first, so it's important to consider your message.

According to a recent study, 94% of all mobile content is viewed vertically, whether it was created that way or not (Source: MOVR Mobile Overview Report). With mobile technology seeing such dramatic growth, vertical proves to be the natural way we hold our devices. When you whip out your phone to quickly capture an action shot or a special fleeting moment, you realize just how second nature filming vertically is.

We’re constantly on the go and need a way to consume information quickly and memorably without much interruption. We simply don’t have the time (or patience) to rotate our phones for every video, ad, or content piece that comes our way.

Gone are the days of being ostracized for not turning your camera horizontally to film. Now that most social platforms have done away with the obnoxious black sidebars, your content pleasantly fills the entire screen and engrosses your audience, rather than distracting them. Visually, it’s also the most engaging way to view comments and descriptions that accompany a video.

With major brands and social channels implementing vertical across platforms, it’s important to prepare your content and seek the benefits of such a shift. Let’s turn video right-side up!

Ready to rotate? Here are five easy steps to plan out your new vertical video content.

  1. Draw attention
    Vertical or horizontal, the key to great video is a great video. Introduce yourself, your brand, and your ideas. This is your chance to make an outstanding impression and tell the world your story. Don’t worry, you look great from this view!
  2. Embrace vertical
    Consider unique ways to make your content shine from a new angle. We’re accustomed to visualizing our subject by width but there are so many impactful details an upright approach can exhibit. Advertise a product, host a live interview, or demonstrate a familiar scene in an innovative way. You may be the first to present this new perspective to your story!
  3. You’re likely on mute
    Most people have their sound off by default when scrolling through content. Your video should speak to your audience without requiring audio for its entire duration. If you need help getting your point across, try using brief captions to summarize your ideas. This will also offer easy clarification for your content, making it more memorable.
  4. Keep your tall videos short and sweet
    Videos should be brief, up to two minutes in length. This will encourage longer audience engagement and boost shareability. Startup company MediaBrix has found that vertical video has a 90% higher completion rate than horizontal, so clear-cut content will only further ensure that your video is viewed from start to finish.
  5. Leave your mark
    When you reach the end of your video, remind your audience of what you want them to take away from your content. End it with your logo or a quick final thought or a unique call-to-action to keep them coming back for more!
The future of video marketing has arrived and it’s time to start rethinking about how we will share our content with the world. But turning video on its side doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it's an exciting change, and you may even discover a cool new way to tell your story.
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