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5 Ways to Tackle Your Blog Strategy

Cain & Company
July 9, 2019

Blogging is a core component of a content marketing strategy. Companies blog because offering relevant information that helps these visitors make their purchasing decisions is one of the most effective ways to attract potential customers to their website. According to research, B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not. And 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog.

For industrial and manufacturing companies that typically experience long sales cycles and high value deals, a company’s regular blog articles position them as an industry expert and provide excellent opportunities to continually connect with readers who would make good customers.

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So, business blogging is great for improving search engine rankings, driving website traffic, and establishing thought leadership. But blogging is hard work and takes your employees’ valuable time to research and write articles.

Here are six ways to tackle your blog strategy and make your efforts a bit easier:

Brainstorm topics

It’s much easier to begin writing an article if you start with at least a working title instead of wasting time wondering what to write about. Start by brainstorming a list of topics. The best topics answer your most commonly asked questions about your product or service. Then challenge yourself, and your team, to see how many titles you can come up with based on each topic. Here are a few examples:

  • 6 Ways to Solve [a common problem that your product solves]
  • How to Fail at [your industry]
  • What You Need to Know About [your solution]

Change the titles later if you want to. Still stuck for working titles? Check out these online blog topic generators:

Spread the love

Once you have your list of topics, divvy up the writing assignments among your team so that one person is not writing everything. Even in a small shop, if just three or four people share the blog writing calendar and write one blog a week, then each person is only producing one of those blogs each month. That’s a much easier task.

Interview subject matter experts

Industrial and manufacturing companies have technical-minded people, like engineers, chemists, or metallurgists. Interview your internal subject matter experts (SMEs) about a topic. Record the interviews. You’ll likely find you can cull several blogs out of a single conversation.

TIP: Video the interview using your phone or online video conferencing (like Zoom), if remote, to record the conversation to video so you can refer to it again later.

BONUS TIP: Edit and produce a video version of your blog.

Start with an outline

Don’t worry about getting the right wording right away. Organize your thoughts in an outline, then connect the subtopics to fill in the gaps and create your rough draft. Alternatively, have your SMEs flesh out your outline with their expertise or have them bullet list their own outline for you to flesh out. Either way, you’ll likely go through several revisions before you’re happy with the final draft.

Hire a content marketing agency

If you recognize the value of blogging to attract website visitors and generate leads, you may consider hiring a marketing agency to do it for you. A marketing agency, like Cain & Company, that specializes in an inbound marketing approach will do the research and partner with you to help broaden your content marketing strategy, create blogs and other online content designed to impact search rankings, drive website traffic, and convert leads. If you’re past the DIY stage and want to get real results, it may be a great investment.

Blogging is an effective online marketing strategy, especially for B2B businesses that typically have long sales cycles and whose products command a high price point. Publishing frequent, informative articles on their blog presents the business as an industry expert, improves search engine results, attracts website visitors, and helps prospects make their purchasing decisions. While achieving these results requires staying consistent with business blogging, these tips can make your efforts a little easier.

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