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6 Types of Video Marketing Across the Buyer’s Journey

Cain & Company
March 19, 2019

From retro cereal commercials to vibrant social media ads, video has always been a staple of advertising. Video is convenient and shareable, making it an ideal medium for marketing. Producing video has also become easier and more cost-effective than ever. 

But before you jump into a video-first strategy, you’ll want to be sure your viewers are discovering the right content for each stage of their buyer’s journey.

During each stage, they're seeking different information that might be irrelevant at other stages. For instance, customers ready to make a purchase in the decision stage probably won't need an introductory how-to video for those in the awareness stage. 

Targeting videos for every stage offers content customized for your prospect, guiding them through their buyer’s journey. The right video marketing educates and encourages a purchase decision.

When creating a video strategy, ask yourself: What problems can this solve? What are the challenges your viewer is likely facing? Which stage are they currently in?

With these answers in mind, you can select the right video types to guide your audience from search to sale. Targeted videos mean more opportunities to simplify their experience.

Awareness Stage: Top of Funnel

In the awareness stage, your prospects know they have a problem and now they're conducting research. Top-of-funnel video marketing means introducing new concepts and offering solutions.

Explainer Videos:

Right now, your prospects are seeking new information. With an explainer video, you can clarify a difficult topic or explain a resourceful approach (think life hacks). Explainer videos are also useful for improving your SEO and audience reach.




Thought Leadership Videos:

Through thought leadership videos, you can position yourself as a trusted front-runner in your field. Thought leadership videos promote your industry knowledge and expertise with your audience.



Consideration Stage: Middle of Funnel

Your customers have done their research and are now weighing potential solutions. Success in the consideration stage depends on brand recognition and engaging with prospects who have questions you can answer.


Commercials introduce your brand and values to prospects. Outline a problem you can solve and the solutions that make your brand stand out from competitors. Creative commercials also mean inspiring storytelling through visuals.



Corporate Culture Videos:

Show off your company’s character! Add personality with a company culture video. What differentiates your organization? What makes it an awesome place to work and to work with? A friendly atmosphere speaks can make a great first impression.



Decision Stage: Bottom of Funnel

The bottom of the funnel is your moment to shine. At this decision stage, you want to convince potential buyers beyond a doubt that you'll solve their issues. This is where they should immediately associate their solutions with your brand.

Testimonial Videos:

Combining the best of both worlds, testimonial videos highlight both the benefits and features of your company’s product. Testimonial videos build your brand’s credibility while showing off your product's impressive features.



Instructional & Product Demos:

Demonstration videos assure customers that you stand by your product, even after they've made their purchase. Demonstration videos may help customers assemble their new product or helpful ways to care for their investment.



Looking Beyond the Funnel

Most importantly, show your appreciation for their business. Send them a personalized thank you video or special content. They'll appreciate the courtesy and likely will consider your brand in the future.

No matter what stage your prospects are in, video marketing is a great addition to your marketing strategy. Using dedicated content for buyers at each stage will encourage brand loyalty and growth. The more you engage with your prospects, the easier it will be to guide them to a final purchase decision.

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