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7 Ways to Test Your Marketing Growth

Cain & Company
April 11, 2019

Spring is finally here, and not a moment too soon. With the renewal of the season, it’s the perfect time for growth and revival, especially for your business.

We know the daily grind can be distracting. You develop an amazing marketing plan only to get caught up in more pressing concerns. Pretty soon it all becomes busywork.

It’s easy to put off measuring your activity, but that won’t help your results. If questions like “How’s your marketing plan?” kill your confidence, maybe it’s time to refresh your strategy.

Recognizing your top challenges and finding solutions will give your plan the recharge it deserves. Test your marketing growth with these seven tips to see where you excel and where to improve.

Plan What You Can

Does your company follow an intentional marketing plan? Having a strategy means setting goals and measuring your progress to avoid wasting time and money.

Doing your best with a limited budget isn’t the end of the world. Get resourceful with online tools to stay organized and motivated. Many apps can set schedules and track your marketing activity to measure long-term results.

Pinpoint Your Personas

Have you researched your ideal personas and their needs? Learning about your target audience is the biggest step toward marketing that works. What matters to them should guide your marketing strategy.

Buyer personas are also useful for predicting customer challenges to improve your content, conversations, and nurturing. Asking the right questions provides clarity and solutions.

Become Well-Branded

Do you use steady branding and materials across the board? Consistency sets you apart. Brands you can immediately identify are the ones that stand out the most.

Your marketing and sales teams must also be on the same page to add credibility to your branding. Try revisiting your materials to make sure your look and copy align.

Goal-Focused Website

Does your website share your brand goals? Great web development mirrors your organization’s mission. It’s your website’s job to give visitors a user-friendly experience and demonstrate the company’s core values.

Clear call-to-action links offer better navigation for your users. What do you want them to take away from your site? Your contact info should also be front and center so visitors can sign up or schedule meetings.

Social Media Influence

Are you using social media to create brand recognition? Being active on all platforms lets your brand and content be found easily. Monitoring your activity can also reveal the best ways to engage with your audience

Remember to share your company culture on social media to build brand awareness. Even if you think your industry doesn’t draw social media attention, your audience is still looking for the human side of your brand.

Trade Show Interaction

Does your company use trade shows to get new leads? Trade show marketing is all about networking. Connecting with attendees prior to the show promotes your exhibit and potential meetups.

You can also create a landing page on your website to invite guests to your booth. Use it to schedule in-person meetings during and after the show. Try adding a chatbot to capture information in advance. And don’t forget to bring extra business cards with you!

Track and Measure

Are you tracking your marketing activity? By not measuring your performance, you could be selling yourself short. Even minimal tracking efforts are better than none.

Reviewing the right metrics also gives you helpful data. Automation and reporting show you how your efforts are doing. Seeing the numbers for yourself is the best way to know what works and what needs work.

Test It Out

Revisiting your marketing plan offers a new perspective to what needs adjusting. If something is working out well, great! Keep investing in that. Just don’t hesitate to change your strategy when you find a better one. After all, spring is the season for change, growth, and results.

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