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Break These 5 Social Media Bad Habits

Cain & Company
April 23, 2019

Way back on day one of social media, I wonder if anyone could’ve predicted the revolution and evolution that was to come. Have you ever stopped to consider just how much social networking has grown in the last decade?

And it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Few other marketing channels experience such resilience, and as social media evolves, so must your marketing habits.

If you haven’t seen much growth from your social channels lately, maybe it’s time to reflect on your routine. Have you used the same approach for many years? Are you paying attention to the right metrics? Has it led to any concrete results?

Thinking your social media routine could use a little rework? This blog examines some social media marketing bad habits and how to break them once and for all.

The Hard Sell

Far too often, brands lay it on thick. “Get yours now, on sale today!” Yikes. Unless they initially intended to buy, customers are put off by hard-sell statements. People use social media to learn and socialize. Show them how your products or services have helped people like them. Your benefits will speak louder than your overt posts.

Constant sales campaigns don’t give your audience the chance to get to know your brand on a human level. They also won’t develop any reliance or trust for your brand. Instead, reach out to your followers personally. Social success comes from actual communication.

Talk Less, Listen More

Don’t do all the talking. Social conversations are a two-way street, so make sure you’re attentive. Set up social listening to monitor all mentions of your brand and get involved in the discussion. Doing so will also increase brand awareness. Every memorable social media campaign includes great responses from the brand.

Daunting as it may seem, reply to negative comments or reviews. Even the most negative comments, while not always salvageable, can be an opportunity to listen and learn. Responding when feasible (and doing so promptly) will show the public that you care about your customers and stand by your brand.

Using Vanity Metrics

This can be a difficult habit to break as most of us get excited about new social media followers and company interest. A great brand image and customer engagement are positive for your business, but vanity metrics don’t demonstrate real growth.

Focusing on metrics that measure conversions, website visits, or specific call-to-action links provide better insight for your business goals. Great brand awareness and impressions are important, but vanity metrics alone won’t give you tangible results. By measuring the right data, you’ll be confident your social marketing efforts are never wasted.

Spread Too Thin

You can’t be everywhere at once. Certain platforms work better for one brand than another. By trying to be successful on every platform, you’ll likely be investing time and money into the wrong networks and not enough into the correct ones.

Figure out which social media channels benefit your brand. Examine the platforms that are most effective for your audience and that will attract real leads. Focus on a few platforms at a time to better allocate your marketing efforts and efficiently invest your time and budget.

Scheduling Fails

Many companies post on social media randomly or when they feel they have something crucial to say. Without a consistent social media schedule, your posts may go unseen. It takes a lot of practice to keep up with frequent scheduling but doing so builds awareness and relationships.

If you use an automated scheduling tool, make sure you’re posting “like a human.” If your posts are published at the same time every day, or if there are errors that go unnoticed because you’re relying too heavily on automation tools, your audience will catch on. Add timely, relevant content to your social schedule to start a conversation.

As social media continues to change, so will your routine. Learn what’s beneficial for your brand and make a strategy that aligns your social media habits with your business goals.

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