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How to Choose a Web Designer

Cain & Company
April 18, 2019

Your company has an employee you’re probably not even aware of. This employee works around the clock and speaks to your clients before anyone else on your team does. Introducing your latest and greatest hire: Your company website.

Your website communicates to your customers 24/7. It’s often the only team member they’ll reach out to. This means your website plays many roles, from salesman to brand authority to thought leader. It must reflect your brand’s values, build relationships, and produce results. No pressure, but the bar is pretty high.

Your business most likely already has a website, but is it doing its job? Are you happy with the image it’s presenting to the world? Most importantly, is it getting the results you want?

A good website’s job description should look like this:

  • Easy accessibility
  • Seamless user experience
  • Intuitive design
  • Effective online marketing
  • Positive engagement
  • Valuable results

Does your site require more on-the-job training? Not to worry! Every website needs an upgrade once in a while.

The real challenge is choosing the best web designer to manage your site renovation. There’s a lot on the line and issues might pop up during development that could change the project’s scope and budget. Fortunately, a little research and preparation can go a long way.

Finding the perfect web developer means asking yourself and your potential designers some important questions. Let’s go over how to choose the right web design agency.

Do they understand your goals?

Your website illustrates your company’s values. It’s an extension of your brand and must support your goals. If your web developer isn’t on the same page, that’s your first red flag.

Some of your web development goals might include:

  • Build brand awareness, value, and trust
  • Generate and nurture new leads into customers
  • Attract prospects and maintain relationships

A web design firm maintains your brand identity and target objectives, both long term and short term. They should recognize deficits as well as opportunities for growth.

Can they achieve your goals?

You know what you want from your website. It serves a purpose for your business. Likewise, it follows that your web designer must have the right skillset to meet and exceed your goals.

How does the designer rate in the following areas?

  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Design, automation, and user experience
  • Analytics, search engine optimization, and reporting
  • Content management systems and customer relationship management

Begin by reviewing how much experience they have in each area. Knowing the fundamentals behind a well-developed website is essential. Do they understand design and SEO best practices? Are they digital marketing experts?

Similarly, communication can make or break your partnership. Clarify your budget and time-frame expectations for your website. Don’t cut corners when investing in your redesign, but don’t break the bank either. Your developer should provide an initial project proposal that accounts for proofs, tweaks, and unexpected setbacks.

Are they in it for the long haul?

Another major consideration: Will the agency support your website after its launch? New websites involve bug fixes and maintenance, often requiring an expert. A company that supports their design and stands by their work is an ideal long-term partner.

Aside from routine maintenance, a reputable design partner will make sure their work provides results, not just a good look. Their development should include tracking tools for performance, lead generation, and conversions. Over time, this shows you what efforts to invest in, which are drawing ROI, and how to attract more customers.

Decision Time

When it finally comes time to make a choice, remember that the right web designer will deliver the best in both design and functionality without much compromise.

Be sure they know your goals, have qualifying experience, and are dedicated long term. As long as you both understand the overall expectations of the project, your partnership will be positive and mutually beneficial.

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