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Creating vs. Curating Your Social Media Content

Cain & Company
March 28, 2019

Content marketing and social media are a perfect match. Nobody would see your content if you didn’t share it, and without content, there’s nothing to post.

But managing your organization’s social media schedule is no easy task. Add to that the growing number of social platforms, and you have your work cut out for you.

Planning a steady content creation schedule is often met with roadblocks.

  • Managing multiple tasks
  • Limited time and budget
  • Few staff copywriters

Writing content regularly on top of your other responsibilities tests your patience and your creativity. A practical solution? Mix it up!

Many organizations use content curation in addition to content creation, resulting in better social media consistency and more engagement.

Create and Curate

Where created content is developed from scratch, curated content is shared from reliable third-party sources. Both are used to provide relevant industry information to your followers.

As a recent social media tactic, there are still stigmas attached to curating content.

  • Sharing competitor content
  • Reposting content appears lazy
  • Fear of losing business

While these seem like valid concerns, there are plenty of advantages to combining the two content types into your social strategy. Let’s consider the benefits of each.

Created Content: The Foundation of Your Strategy

Developing content is a must for your digital marketing. Content creation includes any articles, blogs, white papers, infographics, social posts, or eBooks made by your company. Created content should be at the center of your marketing plan.

Thought Leadership

Original content positions your brand as an industry expert. As a thought leader, you offer fresh insight, knowledge, and influence. Your customers are seeking relevant information for making a purchase, and your content could influence their final decision.

Driving Conversions

Created content drives traffic to your website and improves conversions. Having a clear call to action speaks volumes, especially for product launches, events, or announcements. News travels quickly on social media!

Brand Differentiation

Your owned content also distinguishes your brand from competitors. A distinct voice highlights your brand and creates a niche for your business. Plus, if your competitors leave content creation out of their social strategy completely, you already have the advantage.

Curated Content: A Wealth of Information

The basis of social media is to socialize, share, and promote ideas-- not just your own. Don’t limit your social posts to personal promotion only. This may even have a negative effect on your brand. Your followers want content variety in order to learn more.

Resource Saving

According to Content Marketing Institute, 76% of marketers make it their goal to produce more content, but ambition like this comes with time and budget limits.

Luckily, curated content saves you both! Curating lets you share content quickly to stay on schedule between your original content posts.

Create Opportunities

Sharing content often improves audience interaction and shares for new engagement opportunities. The more you connect, the better your lead nurturing. Curated content also gets higher click rates, receiving 33% more clicks than owned content.

Diverse Viewpoints

Curating content gives your audience more perspective. Raise viewership and become an industry advisor while offering new insights on common topics. Add annotations with your own outlook for brand influence and visibility.

Dynamic Duo

Content creation and curation aren’t competitors, they’re complements! A good strategy blends them together. Using each will help you set a consistent posting schedule.

  • Set a realistic target- Try sharing content that is 40% created and 60% curated.
  • Be sure your curated posts complement the content you already create.
  • Publish each across all channels to get the most out of your content.

Combining the two builds a better, more consistent social strategy. It’s all about finding the perfect balance that fits your brand for content marketing success.

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