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Does Marketing Work: Smart Predictors for Success

Cain & Company
April 25, 2019

As a marketing agency, when our clients succeed, we succeed. But with so many variables at play, new clients may question whether a marketing strategy will work for them. 

Is marketing worth the investment? Absolutely. Will we create custom strategies for our clients? That’s a given. But can we guarantee marketing yields a certain number of sales? 

The truth is, no marketer can guarantee specific results. You should be skeptical of any agency that claims otherwise. 

But the great thing about marketing is that it’s easy to make adjustments based on your data to learn what tactics work. Here are some ways to predict and ensure marketing success for fantastic results.

Measure Everything

Measuring data may be the most important method for predicting effective marketing. You’ll only be as successful as your metrics. Knowing where you stand can save you time and money. If you’re performing well, your data will show it. 

Digital marketing makes this especially easy. Measuring lets you modify your strategy with your goals in mind. Base the decisions you make on data and feedback to invest in the right channels and campaigns for your target personas.

Be Willing to Adapt

Marketing never slows down. It’s always shifting and growing so you have to be ready to roll with the punches. New media, tactics, and trends happen daily in content marketing, social media, web development, and design. 

Your marketing should be done with purpose. Learn what clients are looking for and don’t be afraid to try new things! In fact, experimenting with your strategy is necessary for success.

Go Ever-green

What content are you currently working with? Can old articles be refreshed? Likely, much of your past content is still relevant so repurposing content into new media can save you time. It also gives people a new chance to find your thought leadership and helpful advice a second time around.

For every content piece you develop, there should be at least three supplementary items. For example, if you create a blog, make a video out of it. Then, create a podcast out of the video, and so on. Make sure you’re getting the full value out of your valuable content. 

Personalize Your Content

There’s far too much clutter going on for you to leave personalized content out of the mix. Nobody wants to feel like they’re a soon-to-be-forgotten number in your analytics. Audiences want a custom experience from you.

Agencies who adapt to what clients want at each stage of the buying cycle are more likely to earn their business and trust. Always make adjustments with your clients in mind.

Marketing success is rarely straightforward, but these practices will help you move in the right direction. Monitor your data, listen to your customers, and make adjustments to improve your strategy and produce brilliant results.

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