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Selling Results: The “So What” Method

Cain & Company
March 22, 2019

Here’s a hard truth for all marketing professionals: No matter how knowledgeable or enthusiastic you are, people don’t care about your product or service.

Not at face value, at least.

Features: What Does This Do?

Ever been on a roll describing the fabulous features of your product? Your prospects listen politely, but after a while, their eyes just sort of glaze over.

Every owner or professional has been there. You understand what makes your product remarkable and you want to share it with others.

The mistake is that most marketers and business owners assume their prospects will inherently understand why they should buy after hearing what your product can do.

Benefits: What’s in It for Me?

Your customers are indifferent to what your product does. Their sole interest is what your product does for them.

  • What are the advantages of your product?
  • Will you resolve their pain points?
  • Can you make their life easier?

If you struggle to answer these, you’re too focused on the features. Your prospects only want results.

Features Tell, Benefits Sell

Here’s a quick crash-course in features versus benefits:

  • Features are what your product is or does-- The description and specs.
  • Benefits are why your customers need it-- What results will they see?

For some, this is Marketing 101. However, plenty of companies' marketing plans tell a different story. Professionals are looking to add credibility to their sales pitch but forget to define the customer benefit.

You’re an expert with a notable product, great!

But from the customer's perspective… so what?

The So What Method

Messages about your company's history, qualifications, and service offerings are weak. These are empty statements that won’t speak to your customers or their needs. What does it mean to them?

Before you deliver your marketing or sales pitch to yet another set of glazed eyes, test your messages against the So What method.

For every feature you’d eagerly boast, begin asking yourself, “So what?”

Here’s how it works:

Example 1:

We have 50 stock options available.

“So what?”

Well, we have a large selection to choose from.

“So what?”

You’ll find the best options for your personal investment.

Put it together: 

“Maximize your ROI with our wide range of stock options.”

Example 2:

This phone has a 128GB of internal storage.

“So what?”

It’s the largest in the industry.

“So what?”

You can save all your files in one place.

Put it together: 

“Easily store and access more files than ever with 128GB of storage.”

To fully explore this, test each of your product features with at least two or three times before you define the benefit. Use this across all of your channels when creating new messages, and review existing material to update your content as needed.

Explaining your product's benefits isn’t always easy. The So What method helps outline the real benefits of your product to connect with your customers. They want the same things you want-- To save time, spend less, get healthier, and achieve more! Proving your product can solve prospect challenges means business success. So what are you waiting for?

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