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What We Learned About Personalized Content from Our Website Redesign

Amanda Nicosia
February 12, 2019

Recently, we launched our website with a new design. Fully integrated, beautifully responsive... We're pretty proud. Have a look here!

More importantly, if you've ever redesigned a website, you know what goes into a project of this scope. Beyond coding, design, and weeks of development, we wanted to deliver the best experience every time our users visit our site.

This redesign represents a shift in our marketing and web development, and we'd love to share what we learned along the way.

Understanding Our Customers

Before beginning the redesign, we first examined our typical customers to target our marketing efforts. We pinpointed the right buyer personas to give us a clear understanding of our customers to create content that appeals to their needs. 

Learning a New Approach

Using inbound marketing strategies, we’ve discovered how to provide new marketing solutions. The website focuses on attracting visitors, generating leads, and closing more customers. The entire Cain & Company staff has been trained on HubSpot's inbound marketing best practices, receiving marketing and inbound certifications.


 Building a Great Experience

Our restructured navigation menu makes it easy to explore our services. We've organized these into three main categories: marketing, creative, and development. In addition, the website now shows off our company culture with bios and videos, finally putting a face to the name.

The HubSpot content management system (CMS) provides a powerful backend for our new site and helped us fast track our website development process. It provides many advanced features including mobile friendly responsive design, improved mobile performance with Google AMP enabled by default, and incredibly fast content delivery network, just to name a few. And since it is part of the HubSpot Growth Stack of marketing, sales, and service software, we can provide a personalized experience for visitors to our website, track important marketing and sales metrics, and provide intelligent marketing automation to ensure our campaigns don’t go unnoticed. 

Contact Us Anytime, Any Way You Like

Connect with us effortlessly. Of course, you’ll find our phone number on our new website, or you can send us an email from the embedded web form, but we’ve also integrated several new features for even easier communication.

  • Live Chat – Can’t wait for an email reply? Chat with us in real time.
  • Chat Bot – If we’re not available, our automated Chat Bot might be able to help answer your question or schedule a meeting with someone who can.
  • Schedule a MeetingBook a time for a call back or an in-person meeting and the appointment will appear on both our calendars.


Creating Content You’ll Love

Our new blog is where you’ll find marketing tips, trends, and industry news, straight from our creative content team. Follow us and subscribe to the blog as we learn new advancements and share the results with you.

We are grateful for your advocacy and support. Check out our new website to learn all the ways Cain & Company can help improve your marketing efforts for driving results. Have a look around, explore all the nooks and crannies of the new site, and send any feedback you have our way. Looking forward to working with you!


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