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Chemtool Increases Website Traffic and Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing Strategy


About Chemtool

Chemtool Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of greases and industrial lubricants in the United States, wanted to focus their advertising, online strategy, and lead generation efforts to market its NuSol® brand of metalworking fluid.


The Problem

The Chemtool website was an underutilized source of leads. The old website had a single “Request a Quote” form that would send email notifications to a customer serviced representative out of town, who would route the email to the appropriate sales rep. The form received a lot of submissions, mostly solicitations and company contact information, few were truly qualified leads. In addition, Chemtool had no way to gauge how many of those leads eventually closed as customers.

The Goal

  1. Increase website traffic
  2. Increase sales qualified lead conversions from website

Our Solution

To help Chemtool achieve their goals, we implemented an inbound marketing strategy using the Chemtool website to attract website traffic and convert more leads.

Foundation Formula

We started with a comprehensive analysis of Chemtool’s competition in the grease industrial fluids space, comparing websites, social channels, and search rankings of several of Chemtool’s competitors. By identifying content marketing opportunities and social media trends, we created customer personas and an inbound marketing strategy guide.

Content Marketing

With the inbound marketing strategy as a guide we produced a content calendar for ongoing blogging.

We performed a complete internal content audit of existing resources, including company brochures, presentations, product line cards, and technical spec sheets to identify opportunities to repurpose, update, and recreate content for new lead generation offers.

Marketing Automation

Using HubSpot marketing automation software, we created several lead gen campaigns. Automated lead nurturing email sequences guided leads through their decision-making process with offers for more relevant content, and notified sales reps of highly engaged, sales qualified leads.

The Result

Within the first year, Chemtool realized a 325% increase in website traffic and, more importantly, 578% more sales qualified leads generated from their website.

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