Freakshow HD client focus

Freakshow HD Client Focus

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Freakshow HD is a Los Angeles based manufacturer of high-quality video assist equipment (including custom items) for the filmmaking, aerospace, and defense industries. It was founded by two film industry veterans, Alex Cacciarelli and Howard Van Emden. Their products are cost efficient, but also known for being rugged and reliable, and are designed and built right in North Hollywood by their expert crew.

Client Needs and Goals

When we met the folks from Freakshow two years ago, one thing these video experts could clearly see was that their marketing could be far more effective than it was. The main obstacle was that they simply didn’t have the time or staff to devote to regular marketing tasks.

Their goals for their website and social media were as follows:

  • Expand and improve the quality of their online presence
  • Improve SEO
  • Increase the number of qualified leads

Our Approach

Blog-Focused Content Marketing Strategy

We added regular blogs to the website. Many were success stories from satisfied customers who raved about the quality of Freakshow’s products. Some were profiles of the many harsh environments in which these products had delivered trouble-free performance. Other blog posts offered technical advice for film crews so they could make the most of their equipment. This new content boosted the site’s SEO results.

Social Media Creation and Posting

We also began regular posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The mix of posts presented more evidence of high quality and durability in tough conditions, throwback photos from various film locations, and their customer service ethic. Of course, every time a new blog was posted, it was promoted on all four platforms.

Social Media Advertising Campaign

Another method we pursued was paid social media advertising across all the channels appropriate to their markets. This increased the number of followers on their social media accounts (resulting in more people seeing each organic post) as well as increasing traffic to the Freakshow HD website. This in turn led to increased orders.

All social media outreach was carefully matched to the unique tone and personality the Freakshow HD team had established over their ten-year history. This raised the profile of the blog, leading to greater perceived authority. We also included carefully selected keyword strings, so the social posts and blogs increased their appearance in organic searches.

The Result

Freakshow HD’s improved online presence has delivered more orders for their hard-working team. President Howard Van Emden says, “We have definitely seen the numbers on our bottom line. And we have almost all of the business we can handle. The program we have with Cain has been cost effective for us, and they’re just nice people to work with.”

Freakshow HD Social Post
Freakshow HD Social Post
Freakshow HD Social Post Freakshow HD Social Post
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