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Dawn Preston

Art Director

Dawn Preston
Inbound Marketing Certification
Inbound Marketing Certified

Dawn Preston is an art director at Cain & Company. As an intrinsic organizer and designer, she appreciates the wide variety each project brings, whether pinpointing the perfect image, finding the most efficient way to coordinate data, or exploring the capabilities of Photoshop.

For more than twenty years, Dawn has valued learning from her clients, devising the client’s needs, branding standards, and overall design goals and vision. Be it ads, catalogs, or websites, Dawn creates stunning graphics and layouts for customers of all industries. Happiest when she can stay busy, downtime drives her crazy!

Her family traveled all over the world for much of her life, but she finally settled down in Illinois where she attended Bradley University, receiving her degree in communication and art. She has a husband, four daughters, and no spare time. When she does have a moment to herself, she enjoys reading, being with her family, and her reluctantly acquired cat lady status.