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Email Marketing

Engage with prospects and customers further via email follow-up messages and remind them of your brand and services.

Follow Up with Leads via Email

A great email marketing campaign is an essential part of a marketing automation strategy to deliver timely and relevant email follow-ups to your leads. Email marketing moves prospects through their buying cycle and motivates them to take action. Sort and segment your contact database to send targeted email campaigns to specific groups, allowing you to increase your conversion opportunities.

Cain & Company also implements valuable automation software to manage complex email tasks and targeted sending for a perfected inbound marketing strategy. From a simple workflow such as sending a sequence of emails to more complicated processes like automatically updating your contact database or organizing your contacts by lead score, email marketing strategies and marketing automation can save you time and simplify your marketing efforts quickly and efficiently.

  • Provide creative copywriting and email marketing campaigns
  • Increase email subscribers with HubSpot software and consistent campaigning
  • Segment and manage your contact database for optimal target audience reach
  • Setup and optimization of email marketing automation for ease of effort
  • Full analysis, split testing, and reporting to ensure optimal campaign performance

HubSpot Certified Partner

Cain & Company is a Certified HubSpot Partner agency with the full capability to help set up or optimize your HubSpot portal and streamline your lead generation efforts. Together we can help you set up an email campaign that will get you the results you are looking for with content your audience will love.

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