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Digital Ads Where Your Visitors Are

Geofencing is a mobile service that uses geographical location data to “fence” a list of addresses to send out notifications to mobile devices and deliver ads to your target audience. As a location-based service, this targets visitors either while they’re on property or have been on property within the previous month. These locations can include your business, or even branch out to events or other points of interest.

Using geofencing is a great way to attract and engage with your ideal audience with improved accuracy and relevancy, effectively saving you time and money on your targeting efforts with cost effective and location-based methods. Cain & Company can set you up with geofencing as an efficient digital approach to drive the traffic you want with the accuracy, sensibility, and precision your targeting requires.

  • Specific ads created for targeting viewers to receive relevant messaging
  • Real-time applicable timing to attract audience during their period of interest
  • Unmatched accuracy to successfully reach your desired target market
  • Use GPS verified device ID data to track foot traffic into your business
  • Ability to target not only viewers and visitors, but competing businesses as well

For your brand, geofencing may be the impactful essential tool that differentiates and delivers for your targeting efforts, bringing your leads to new levels. Cain & Company’s team of developers can help you create a geofencing solution for your business, helping you determine the exact moment when a visitor’s proximity turns into a lead’s effective engagement.

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