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Marketing Automation

Use data to make smart decisions and automate repetitive and mundane marketing tasks.

Make Your Marketing Smart 

From your website to your email campaigns to social media and paid marketing, like digital ads and trade shows, successful marketing attracts leads using many tactics and from several sources. In order to prove which of your marketing efforts are working and which are not, you must know how your visitors engage with your campaign.

Powerful marketing automation software tracks user engagement to help you measure the effectiveness of your inbound marketing campaign and helps you make informed decisions based on the data.

HubSpot marketing automation software also automates many mundane repetitive marketing tasks. From simple workflows, like sending a sequence of emails, to more complicated processes, like updating a contact based on lead score, marketing automation saves time and makes your marketing more efficient. Target your messages using lead data to display smart content to exactly the right visitors.

Academy_Badge_certifiedpartner-left-aligned-stacked-darkCain & Company is a Certified HubSpot Partner agency. We can help set up your new HubSpot portal or optimize your existing portal to streamline your lead generation efforts.

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