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Reconnect With Your Website Visitors

The majority of website visitors won’t make a purchase on their first visit, which makes sense. Consumers are careful and selective of their online shopping, so it’s important to touch base and get back in touch with them. Cain & Company can deliver digital ads to these consumers who have previously visited your website and who are most likely to be considering your services. Remind them of your brand as they travel across the internet with a retargeting campaign, aimed at tracking website visitors, and presenting them with branded ads to potential bring them back for a second chance!

  • Cross-platform retargeting runs across desktop and mobile
  • Click retargeting is aimed at users who have clicked on your banner ad
  • Site retargeting targets users who have previously visited your website
  • Full analysis of industry competitors and targeting strategies
  • Reach more potential customers and drive inbound lead generation
  • Deliver ads specifically to the intended, preferred audience and buyer personas

With strategic, advanced retargeting efforts, Cain & Company seeks to understand how your audience browses the web to better target ads directly to the channels they visit most often. Through this methodology, we build your audience gradually over time with the ultimate goal of converting visitors into leads, sales, and loyal customers.

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