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Attract visitors and engage leads to close more customers. Learn more about our approach to content marketing and marketing automation.

Why Inbound Marketing?

The relationship between buyers and sellers has shifted. Today’s consumers have unlimited information, and competition for your buyer’s attention is fierce. They can simply search online to find the technical specifications, product comparisons, and pricing information they need to make a purchase – mostly without any contact with a vendor sales rep. That means your business needs a new way to reach your ideal customer.

Inbound is a modern approach to marketing, sales, and service that reaches today’s consumer. It’s a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that attracts prospects to your brand and converts them into lasting customers.

Inbound marketing certifications

HubSpot Partner Agency

HubSpot Certified Partner

Cain & Company is a Certified HubSpot Partner agency in Rockford, IL. HubSpot is a leading CRM, marketing, sales, and customer experience platform.

We use the complete stack of HubSpot tools to help grow your business through inbound marketing, services, and support. Our content team has the training and experience to help your company implement HubSpot for the first time or optimize your existing HubSpot portal to achieve your business growth goals.

So, What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is more than a marketing tactic. It's a comprehensive approach that combines several individual marketing tactics and integrates sales CRM and customer service tools with powerful marketing automation to tie it all together and measure results.

Our Approach to Inbound Marketing 

Inbound marketing is an established marketing strategy that allows companies to offer helpful, creative content to clients who are seeking industry information or business solutions. Creative content can involve anything from blogs and social posts to email and automation campaigns. Inbound marketing has been proven to attract visitors, converting them into leads, and ultimately, into qualified buyers. For the majority of consumers, a hard sell doesn’t work anymore; forming a strong bond and direct relationship with your B2B clients is what will get you found and sought after. Your customers are searching for someone to help them solve their biggest challenges with creative, authentic solutions.

As such, there are many services and solutions that encompass inbound marketing, including content creation, marketing automation, smart workflows, CRM campaigns, and more. Cain & Company can drive traffic to your website through a variety of methods that will get you results.

  • Full HubSpot integration provided, a leading CRM, marketing, sales, and customer experience platform
  • Comprehensive content strategy for your brand with potential content leadership in your industry
  • Convert your website into a user experience that will work as a sales tool to convert visitors and leads
  • Quality content scheduled and crafted to your brand standards and company vision
  • Grow your sales through strategy, services, and support to reach your business growth goals
  • Content audits, analytics, and reviews provided to ensure your strategy is performing optimally

We believe a successful inbound approach involves your entire company. Leadership, marketing, sales, and service teams must work together to generate leads, close more customers, and keep those customers happy.

We’ll be your partner to develop and implement your inbound marketing strategy that generates leads and closes more customers to help you achieve your business growth goals.

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